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Talkkok has moved!

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I have decided to go one step further in blogging since my debut in Mar 09. From now on, pls check out my new blog add @ instead of here.
Thank You for your continuous supports!


Do you smell good?

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One time when i was still in my teen age,i was commented by a girl that i smelt up strangely! This statement really overwhelmed me…..I immediately confronted her what she meant, elegantly she closed her nose as what Mr.Powell did in this photo, at the same time pointing to my masculine, 34 inch then upper body,hinting to me that i should check out myself.

Even President also smells up!

Even President also smelled up!

I obliged and smelt myself without much gesturing…well, there was some oriental scent but not too bad…Nevertheless, i took her criticism constructively. From that on, I regularly use perfume or parfum to avoid such personal attacks again. Over the years, i have armoured myself with theses expensive scents:


However, I find these scents artificial probably due to its heavy chemically concoctions which doesnt give a natural scent that i always thought of exuding.

Fast forward to present day, during one fine day when i was in the lift to my 9th floor office, there was a colleague from SIN HQ in the lift as well. From a typical perspective, he is well built & shaved, bestowed with a pleasant PAN-ASIAN look,  and most importantly he really smells good in a natural way that I am looking for in these years.

The colleague looks like this model-daniel henny except the eyes smaller,eye brow lesser,nose bigger,mouth wider and hair lesser.!

The colleague looks like this model-daniel henny except the eyes smaller,eye brow lesser,nose bigger,mouth wider and hair lesser.!

I was indecisive if I should ask him what fragrance he is using cuz I might give him the impression that I am same species like the then Leslie Cheung or Elton J. So, i missed the opportunity. never mind as i thought.

1 week later, again i took the office lift at the same time with this gentleman. Without fail, the familiar scent oozed out from him made me feel good! This time, I greeted him and he responded swiftly. I then commented his nice perfume scent and asked if he can tell me what brand/scent he is using. The answer surprised me as he is using just this:



The Saviour to body odour

The Saviour to body odour--NiVEA AQUA COOL only @ RM8.90/bottle

I notice this product displayed on the shelf when patronising The Guardian or Watson but never thought of using it previously. Without much hesitation, i bought one and ever since am using it till today. People always tend to look highly at more prestigious brands but sometimes ,some things which fit our tastes are just there for us to discover…Moreover, this product is simply much cheaper even than a miniature EDT or EDP!

 Lately Nivea has launched the latest product with more efficient odour removal secrets-Silver Molecules:


 I will get one soon!….One wise man said this before: A good image of oneself is not only displayed by his manners,knowledges, capabilities,TK senses but also from the scents exuded from him/her.

See the impact of bad odour! be warned...

See the impact of bad odour! be warned...

The Big Blue is in town!

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I came to know that Mid Valley has just hosted the Big Blue Whale exhibition for the first time on Malaysia’s shore. Wow! I wondered if Mid Valley is big enough for the world’s largest animal and regretted that I missed such an exhibition!

Upon checking out for more details, this was what being shown instead:



A giant replica of the reclusive life sized baby whale in conjunction with National Geographic awareness programme on this giant whale.

In my lifetime (although I’m still young), i have not seen a real whale except from TV or books, even dolphin only few times. The last time i had close contact with a dolphin was in Sentosa island. Even that, we had to queue up likened to meeting people sort of Michael Jackson or some big stars or politicians. That’s how precious of these mammal to us,the mankind.

Far,far away somewhere between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean,sits an archipelago consisting of 18 islands,called Faroe Islands. Here are the scenic view of the islands:



Even the gals there also look 'beh pai!'

Even the gals there also look 'beh pai!'

and the sea waters also RED in colour!

and the sea waters also RED in colour!

Wonder what makes the water RED? Please continue looking carefully:

The Annual massacre of thousands pilot whales @ Faroe Islands!

The Annual massacre of thousands pilot whales @ Faroe Islands!

The murderers are seen to be busy with their killingsThe murderers are seen busy tending with their catch!
Even the children are part of the game

Even the children are part of the game

Well, this is the eRumor has been circulating on the net about the hunting of the pilot whales on the Danish islands for years!

The Truth:

According to the Office of Protected Resources, it is confirmed that Long finned pilot whales are being hunted @ this island but there is no danger of this species becoming extinct.Long finned pilot whales are part of the dolphin family and like all marine mammals they are a protected species in the United States but classified by the NOAA agency as a “Low Risk Least Concern.” Pilot whales are very social creatures and travel in large groups of up to 200 called pods.  Whalers benefited from this by driving and herding them together into tight groups. Residents of the Faroe have been hunting for pilot whales for centuries, giving them valuable food stocks for the winter.   The island has had a Norse settlement since the Viking age (800-900 AD.)

The shore-based hunters in the Faroe Islands of Denmark continue this practice and it is a community effort for storing whale meat and products for the winter. Pilot whale meat and blubber is considered by islanders to be an important part of their staple diet.  The whale meat is never sold, instead it is divided evenly to everyone who wants it.  What ever is left over is donated to the local hospital and senior citizens on the island.  There is very little of the whale that is actually wasted.  The islanders use the blubber for processing oil, the skin for ropes and lines, stomachs for floats, and the esophagus for shoes.

It has only been noted in December 2008 that pilot whale meat contains too much mercury to be safe for human consumption. this could be an explanation for the diminishing population of the islanders who get sick after the hunt and an increase in abnormal births among the islanders.

So, in the end, who is killing who? The Human or the Pilot Whales? Do u think this is also sort of karma happening on these islanders for their ancestors’ deed as well as theirs.

Culture Unplugged Video

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Pls watch this best short film, i bet you’d either finish up your KFC next round when you go there or you will eat half only!

The Best Job in the World!

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A 6 month job pays approximately $100,000 US dollars working a measly 12 hours per month! Can you believe?

Well, You gotta believe me this time, this is absolutely REAL,not Talk Kok!

In January 09, what is being hailed as the “best job in the world” by the Australian Tourist board was  advertised all over the world. The successful candidate will  just have to write a weekly blog post, maintain a video blog and upload photos while exploring Australia’s islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Total applications received so far reached about 34,684!

This is  certainly a great way to promote tourism in Australia, as well as getting people talking.

How to apply?

– To apply for it, the candidates need to create a 60 second or less application video in English, explaining why they are the best person for the job in an entertaining way. You’ll also have to complete a short online application form too. (I think i can do this quite well!)

– All applicants must be over 18 and eligible for a visa. (Me qualified too)

Job description

– The Island Caretaker will need to post a weekly blog, photo diaries and create video updates to let the world know about the unique experiences available on the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. There will also be some interviews with members of the media. The contract involves spending six months on Hamilton Island, one of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. The Island Caretaker will also travel to other islands and enjoy activities such as sailing, kayaking, snorkelling, diving, picnics, bushwalking and more.

Other tasks include Feeding the fish.

– There are over 1,500 species of fish living in the Great Barrier Reef. Don’t worry – you won’t need to feed them all. (ok, i still can do this)

Clean the pool

– The pool has an automatic filter, but if you happen to see a stray leaf floating on the surface it’s a great excuse to dive in and enjoy a few laps.

Business Trips

– In between travelling to various islands of the Great Barrier Reef (aka business trips), the Island Caretaker will live at Blue Pearl, a beautiful three-bedroom home on Hamilton Island featuring stunning views of the Whitsunday Islands, modern facilities and exquisite furnishings. The bright, airy interior features three spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, state-of-the-art entertainment system, ceiling fans, air-conditioning and laundry facilities. (wow, this is really unbelievable)

So, where is Great Barrier Reef located in case some of you only know Pulau Besar or Pulau Melaka!

The Great Barrier Reef is a coral formation, the largest in the world, located off the Pacific coast of Queensland, Australia. It is home to a spectacular array of marine life and offers awesome diving opportunities.
Hmmm. this kinda of shower is really befitting my style, community bathing!
Hmmm. this kinda of shower is really befitting my style, community bathing!
Ok, I am ready to give it a try! no harm i guess…..Since they also allow the caretaker to bring along a partner or family together!
Upon checking out the website, the registration is closed now. KNS betul!

The Top 16 finalists were announced just recently.  These potential Island Caretakers will be travelling to Hamilton Island for The Best Job in the World final selection process from May 3 to 6. The 16 are as follow:

Anjaan RJ – India
Ben Henry – France
Ben Southall – UK
Cali Lewis – USA
Clare Wang – Taiwan (Wild Card)
Clarke Gayford – NZ
Erik Rolfsen – Canada
George Karellas  – Ireland
Greg Reynen – Singapore
Hailey Turner – Australia
James Hill – Australia
Juweon Kim – Korea
Magali Heuberger – Netherlands
Mieko Kobayashi – Japan
Mirjam Novak – Germany
Yi Yao – China

None of them is from Malaysia,what a shame! Actually, i think they should appoint more than 1 caretaker cuz the area is so big and the different facets of reporting will give the world more detailed views of this nature wonder.

well, since we dont have the chance to become one of them, please get back to your work. Enjoy the clock in,clock out daily chores, office TK, lunches beside long kang or kopitiam,some of them do have nice aquarium for the customers to enjoy watching while sipping the few RM white coffee!

Are You a responsible consumer?

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The Star today ran few articles in the Section 2, teaching the readers on how to be a responsible consumer towards our environment,as well as many innovative ways on saving this planet from becoming like this photo one day:

Polar Bear clipping to the Wind mill as the polar cap has melted in 2015!

Polar Bear clipping to the Wind mill as the polar cap could be melted by 2015!

They even put up a questionaire to ascertain if we are a responsible consumer based on the Green concepts.

Here it is:

THe questionaire

THe questionaire

I tried out the questionnaire and kindly see my answers in RED and what is the result i get. Also, please be patient to read my answers, partly because i spent the efforts in educating you to be GREEN as well too….



So, apparently I am not a responsible consumer in the eyes of the GREEN fellows but to myself, I am.

The other responsible thing i guess I’d have to do is to bring Ethan to see the polar bear in Singapore Zoo soon before the bears drown in the Artics or Antartica in coming 2015!

And i count on you people to be responsible from now on even I am not capable to be one…maybe, I will learn to be one later, maybe…no guarantee! Let’s see….