Does Press Freedom exist in Malaysia? I doubt so…

Last week, a friend of mine in Hong Kong reminded me that I should go and watch the latest horror flick which is currently screened across the country major cinemas. The show is titled Unborn. I asked him what is so nice about this movie since horror movies are quite stereotyped nowadays. He told me the main reason attracted him to watch the movie is the nice poster of this movie,here it is:


I somehow thought alike after seeing this poster. Hence, i checked out the trailer:

No bad too….i find it quite scary and this is the first movie talking about Jewish exorcism on a dybbuk (a malicious possessing spirit, believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person).Well, i told myself i will go and watch the movie tonite or this weekend thus i flipped through today newspaper The Star and straight to the cinema advertisement section to check out the show time of this movie. Ka na sai! Before i  was able to check out the time, i saw this in the section instead:

Ka Na Sai! The nice underwear has been doctored to become short pant!!

Ka Na Sai! The nice underwear in the Original poster has been doctored to become short pant!!

After seeing this despicable adulterated poster, now I am writing this blog instead of enjoying this movie in the GSC. Now I believe press freedom is never existed in Malaysia mass media. A strong marketing plot has been destroyed by these cave people. Sh^&*()t!


~ by talkkok on March 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Does Press Freedom exist in Malaysia? I doubt so…”

  1. Who told you there was press freedom? It never existed. Not even freedom of speech.

    Check out my latest blog post about how some Islamic extremist use PetalingStreet to carry out anti-speech freedom plans.

  2. haha…. where were u all these while, only to realize this now? come on, turn on to the prime news in our local tv stations, chances are u’ll turn it off in the next 5mins & puke.

    • all these yrs, i only know they r controlling political elements,now even pictures got censorship too..sigh

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