English already bad, Bahasa even worse! LBBL really…

For these 2 days, i had lunch with one of my usual partners- CHQ, while the other partner KSG is away on vacation. Over the lunch, he really cracked some jokes of the year that i will consider this far since Jan 09.

On 31st Mar 09 (yesterday):

In the recent Operation mass comm, as usual, the Operation Director is required to present the current company situation as well as the forecasts for next quarter. This director is already well known in making jokes,if not stupid statements/metaphors to the production floor people. As majority of them are Malays, the medium used in this mass comm is respectfully conducted in Bahasa. In the mid of yesterday presentation, this director suddenly uttered 1 Bahasa word- Kesinambungan with serious emphasis & repeating this word twice to the floor asking them if they understand the meaning of this word and origin.

The Director : “U orang tau kesinambungan datang dari apa perkatatan? Ia datang dari Sinar + Sambung , jadi kesinambungan.”……Hahahahah, Everybody was seen giggling with their hands trying to close their mouths, some were seen shaking their heads acknowledging The Director has just made another Idiotic statement of the day. I was laughing too for well passed 30 secs after listening to this unbelievable truth!


BTW, a check on Kamus Dewan on this word Kesinambungan means continuity…..but till now, I also can’t recall the origin of this word but i dont think it comes from Sinar + Sambung. Pls educate me if anyone of you know the kata asal?

Update on Apr 2nd 09: I finally get to know the origin of this word,see following:


Thanks to my wife !

Lessson learnt:a combination of two or more metaphors that together produce a ridiculous effect….hence, dont simply talk if you don’t how to TK…

To CHQ: The meaning is not matching but continuity instead.

Today, Apr 1st 09:

On our way back to the office after our lunch, we suddenly talked about a colleague of us who is currently working as a Process Engineer in the WLP product line. Coincidently,both of them used to attend the same English tuition when they were about 10 yrs old. During one fine day of their tuition class, the teacher was teaching Synonyms and Antonyms to them.

Teacher: “Can anyone tell me what is the Antonym of Noisy?”

THe Engineer proudly said he knows the answer. Confidently, he answered : ” Shut Up!”


After listening to these 2 extreme jokes, i now feel indecisive which language should we teach in schools,particularly in Science and Mathematics!


~ by talkkok on April 1, 2009.

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