Are You a responsible consumer?

The Star today ran few articles in the Section 2, teaching the readers on how to be a responsible consumer towards our environment,as well as many innovative ways on saving this planet from becoming like this photo one day:

Polar Bear clipping to the Wind mill as the polar cap has melted in 2015!

Polar Bear clipping to the Wind mill as the polar cap could be melted by 2015!

They even put up a questionaire to ascertain if we are a responsible consumer based on the Green concepts.

Here it is:

THe questionaire

THe questionaire

I tried out the questionnaire and kindly see my answers in RED and what is the result i get. Also, please be patient to read my answers, partly because i spent the efforts in educating you to be GREEN as well too….



So, apparently I am not a responsible consumer in the eyes of the GREEN fellows but to myself, I am.

The other responsible thing i guess I’d have to do is to bring Ethan to see the polar bear in Singapore Zoo soon before the bears drown in the Artics or Antartica in coming 2015!

And i count on you people to be responsible from now on even I am not capable to be one…maybe, I will learn to be one later, maybe…no guarantee! Let’s see….


~ by talkkok on April 7, 2009.

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