The Best Job in the World!

A 6 month job pays approximately $100,000 US dollars working a measly 12 hours per month! Can you believe?

Well, You gotta believe me this time, this is absolutely REAL,not Talk Kok!

In January 09, what is being hailed as the “best job in the world” by the Australian Tourist board was  advertised all over the world. The successful candidate will  just have to write a weekly blog post, maintain a video blog and upload photos while exploring Australia’s islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Total applications received so far reached about 34,684!

This is  certainly a great way to promote tourism in Australia, as well as getting people talking.

How to apply?

– To apply for it, the candidates need to create a 60 second or less application video in English, explaining why they are the best person for the job in an entertaining way. You’ll also have to complete a short online application form too. (I think i can do this quite well!)

– All applicants must be over 18 and eligible for a visa. (Me qualified too)

Job description

– The Island Caretaker will need to post a weekly blog, photo diaries and create video updates to let the world know about the unique experiences available on the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. There will also be some interviews with members of the media. The contract involves spending six months on Hamilton Island, one of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. The Island Caretaker will also travel to other islands and enjoy activities such as sailing, kayaking, snorkelling, diving, picnics, bushwalking and more.

Other tasks include Feeding the fish.

– There are over 1,500 species of fish living in the Great Barrier Reef. Don’t worry – you won’t need to feed them all. (ok, i still can do this)

Clean the pool

– The pool has an automatic filter, but if you happen to see a stray leaf floating on the surface it’s a great excuse to dive in and enjoy a few laps.

Business Trips

– In between travelling to various islands of the Great Barrier Reef (aka business trips), the Island Caretaker will live at Blue Pearl, a beautiful three-bedroom home on Hamilton Island featuring stunning views of the Whitsunday Islands, modern facilities and exquisite furnishings. The bright, airy interior features three spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, state-of-the-art entertainment system, ceiling fans, air-conditioning and laundry facilities. (wow, this is really unbelievable)

So, where is Great Barrier Reef located in case some of you only know Pulau Besar or Pulau Melaka!

The Great Barrier Reef is a coral formation, the largest in the world, located off the Pacific coast of Queensland, Australia. It is home to a spectacular array of marine life and offers awesome diving opportunities.
Hmmm. this kinda of shower is really befitting my style, community bathing!
Hmmm. this kinda of shower is really befitting my style, community bathing!
Ok, I am ready to give it a try! no harm i guess…..Since they also allow the caretaker to bring along a partner or family together!
Upon checking out the website, the registration is closed now. KNS betul!

The Top 16 finalists were announced just recently.  These potential Island Caretakers will be travelling to Hamilton Island for The Best Job in the World final selection process from May 3 to 6. The 16 are as follow:

Anjaan RJ – India
Ben Henry – France
Ben Southall – UK
Cali Lewis – USA
Clare Wang – Taiwan (Wild Card)
Clarke Gayford – NZ
Erik Rolfsen – Canada
George Karellas  – Ireland
Greg Reynen – Singapore
Hailey Turner – Australia
James Hill – Australia
Juweon Kim – Korea
Magali Heuberger – Netherlands
Mieko Kobayashi – Japan
Mirjam Novak – Germany
Yi Yao – China

None of them is from Malaysia,what a shame! Actually, i think they should appoint more than 1 caretaker cuz the area is so big and the different facets of reporting will give the world more detailed views of this nature wonder.

well, since we dont have the chance to become one of them, please get back to your work. Enjoy the clock in,clock out daily chores, office TK, lunches beside long kang or kopitiam,some of them do have nice aquarium for the customers to enjoy watching while sipping the few RM white coffee!


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  3. Greatings,
    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

    Thank you

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