The Big Blue is in town!

I came to know that Mid Valley has just hosted the Big Blue Whale exhibition for the first time on Malaysia’s shore. Wow! I wondered if Mid Valley is big enough for the world’s largest animal and regretted that I missed such an exhibition!

Upon checking out for more details, this was what being shown instead:



A giant replica of the reclusive life sized baby whale in conjunction with National Geographic awareness programme on this giant whale.

In my lifetime (although I’m still young), i have not seen a real whale except from TV or books, even dolphin only few times. The last time i had close contact with a dolphin was in Sentosa island. Even that, we had to queue up likened to meeting people sort of Michael Jackson or some big stars or politicians. That’s how precious of these mammal to us,the mankind.

Far,far away somewhere between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean,sits an archipelago consisting of 18 islands,called Faroe Islands. Here are the scenic view of the islands:



Even the gals there also look 'beh pai!'

Even the gals there also look 'beh pai!'

and the sea waters also RED in colour!

and the sea waters also RED in colour!

Wonder what makes the water RED? Please continue looking carefully:

The Annual massacre of thousands pilot whales @ Faroe Islands!

The Annual massacre of thousands pilot whales @ Faroe Islands!

The murderers are seen to be busy with their killingsThe murderers are seen busy tending with their catch!
Even the children are part of the game

Even the children are part of the game

Well, this is the eRumor has been circulating on the net about the hunting of the pilot whales on the Danish islands for years!

The Truth:

According to the Office of Protected Resources, it is confirmed that Long finned pilot whales are being hunted @ this island but there is no danger of this species becoming extinct.Long finned pilot whales are part of the dolphin family and like all marine mammals they are a protected species in the United States but classified by the NOAA agency as a “Low Risk Least Concern.” Pilot whales are very social creatures and travel in large groups of up to 200 called pods.  Whalers benefited from this by driving and herding them together into tight groups. Residents of the Faroe have been hunting for pilot whales for centuries, giving them valuable food stocks for the winter.   The island has had a Norse settlement since the Viking age (800-900 AD.)

The shore-based hunters in the Faroe Islands of Denmark continue this practice and it is a community effort for storing whale meat and products for the winter. Pilot whale meat and blubber is considered by islanders to be an important part of their staple diet.  The whale meat is never sold, instead it is divided evenly to everyone who wants it.  What ever is left over is donated to the local hospital and senior citizens on the island.  There is very little of the whale that is actually wasted.  The islanders use the blubber for processing oil, the skin for ropes and lines, stomachs for floats, and the esophagus for shoes.

It has only been noted in December 2008 that pilot whale meat contains too much mercury to be safe for human consumption. this could be an explanation for the diminishing population of the islanders who get sick after the hunt and an increase in abnormal births among the islanders.

So, in the end, who is killing who? The Human or the Pilot Whales? Do u think this is also sort of karma happening on these islanders for their ancestors’ deed as well as theirs.


~ by talkkok on April 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Big Blue is in town!”

  1. WTF ler… how can they did this to all the whales? The beach becomes a scary place already.

  2. So excited about Big Blue coming to Singapore!! I think no matter how you put it, the large scale killing of wildlife just like that is horrendous… Then again, fishing… hmmm

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