Do you smell good?

One time when i was still in my teen age,i was commented by a girl that i smelt up strangely! This statement really overwhelmed me…..I immediately confronted her what she meant, elegantly she closed her nose as what Mr.Powell did in this photo, at the same time pointing to my masculine, 34 inch then upper body,hinting to me that i should check out myself.

Even President also smells up!

Even President also smelled up!

I obliged and smelt myself without much gesturing…well, there was some oriental scent but not too bad…Nevertheless, i took her criticism constructively. From that on, I regularly use perfume or parfum to avoid such personal attacks again. Over the years, i have armoured myself with theses expensive scents:


However, I find these scents artificial probably due to its heavy chemically concoctions which doesnt give a natural scent that i always thought of exuding.

Fast forward to present day, during one fine day when i was in the lift to my 9th floor office, there was a colleague from SIN HQ in the lift as well. From a typical perspective, he is well built & shaved, bestowed with a pleasant PAN-ASIAN look,  and most importantly he really smells good in a natural way that I am looking for in these years.

The colleague looks like this model-daniel henny except the eyes smaller,eye brow lesser,nose bigger,mouth wider and hair lesser.!

The colleague looks like this model-daniel henny except the eyes smaller,eye brow lesser,nose bigger,mouth wider and hair lesser.!

I was indecisive if I should ask him what fragrance he is using cuz I might give him the impression that I am same species like the then Leslie Cheung or Elton J. So, i missed the opportunity. never mind as i thought.

1 week later, again i took the office lift at the same time with this gentleman. Without fail, the familiar scent oozed out from him made me feel good! This time, I greeted him and he responded swiftly. I then commented his nice perfume scent and asked if he can tell me what brand/scent he is using. The answer surprised me as he is using just this:



The Saviour to body odour

The Saviour to body odour--NiVEA AQUA COOL only @ RM8.90/bottle

I notice this product displayed on the shelf when patronising The Guardian or Watson but never thought of using it previously. Without much hesitation, i bought one and ever since am using it till today. People always tend to look highly at more prestigious brands but sometimes ,some things which fit our tastes are just there for us to discover…Moreover, this product is simply much cheaper even than a miniature EDT or EDP!

 Lately Nivea has launched the latest product with more efficient odour removal secrets-Silver Molecules:


 I will get one soon!….One wise man said this before: A good image of oneself is not only displayed by his manners,knowledges, capabilities,TK senses but also from the scents exuded from him/her.

See the impact of bad odour! be warned...

See the impact of bad odour! be warned...


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