English already bad, Bahasa even worse! LBBL really…

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For these 2 days, i had lunch with one of my usual partners- CHQ, while the other partner KSG is away on vacation. Over the lunch, he really cracked some jokes of the year that i will consider this far since Jan 09.

On 31st Mar 09 (yesterday):

In the recent Operation mass comm, as usual, the Operation Director is required to present the current company situation as well as the forecasts for next quarter. This director is already well known in making jokes,if not stupid statements/metaphors to the production floor people. As majority of them are Malays, the medium used in this mass comm is respectfully conducted in Bahasa. In the mid of yesterday presentation, this director suddenly uttered 1 Bahasa word- Kesinambungan with serious emphasis & repeating this word twice to the floor asking them if they understand the meaning of this word and origin.

The Director : “U orang tau kesinambungan datang dari apa perkatatan? Ia datang dari Sinar + Sambung , jadi kesinambungan.”……Hahahahah, Everybody was seen giggling with their hands trying to close their mouths, some were seen shaking their heads acknowledging The Director has just made another Idiotic statement of the day. I was laughing too for well passed 30 secs after listening to this unbelievable truth!


BTW, a check on Kamus Dewan on this word Kesinambungan means continuity…..but till now, I also can’t recall the origin of this word but i dont think it comes from Sinar + Sambung. Pls educate me if anyone of you know the kata asal?

Update on Apr 2nd 09: I finally get to know the origin of this word,see following:


Thanks to my wife !

Lessson learnt:a combination of two or more metaphors that together produce a ridiculous effect….hence, dont simply talk if you don’t how to TK…

To CHQ: The meaning is not matching but continuity instead.

Today, Apr 1st 09:

On our way back to the office after our lunch, we suddenly talked about a colleague of us who is currently working as a Process Engineer in the WLP product line. Coincidently,both of them used to attend the same English tuition when they were about 10 yrs old. During one fine day of their tuition class, the teacher was teaching Synonyms and Antonyms to them.

Teacher: “Can anyone tell me what is the Antonym of Noisy?”

THe Engineer proudly said he knows the answer. Confidently, he answered : ” Shut Up!”


After listening to these 2 extreme jokes, i now feel indecisive which language should we teach in schools,particularly in Science and Mathematics!


Tomb Sweeping Day is just around the corner!Be warned!

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The Qingming Festival (清明節), aka the Tomb Sweeping Day or Clear and Bright Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival on the 104th day after the winter solstice (or the 15th day from the Spring Equinox), usually occurring around April 5 of the Gregorian calendar (see Chinese calendar). Every leap year, Qing Ming is on April 4.

This year will fall on this Saturday,Apr 4th. I have been exercising this filial act in joining my parents and relatives to visit our ancestors’ graves since i know how to clean up the floor and pulling up weeds. As a catholic, this is the only occasion that I’d take up joss stick and pray like the buddhists. For me, it is a customary act which should be religiously observed every year,as a respect to our ancestors.

Today newspaper also brings up a spooky report on 4 guys went to seek help from MCA public complaint bureau chief-Datuk Michael Chong for helping them to locate 2 missing persons (A mother and a son). Here is the story:

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Michael Chong has been called upon to help in various cases involving violent Ah Long, missing spouses, Internet scams and vengeful partners.

But the latest one could spook even a veteran like him. Five men claim they are being forced by a ghost to locate its wife and son.

The men approached the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head after attempts to locate the duo, including by publishing notices in three Chinese dailies, proved futile.

Chong with the 4 complainants who were possessed by the spirit earlier

Chong with the 4 complainants who were possessed by the spirit earlier

The five claimed they were holidaying in Cambodia earlier this month when some restless spirits harassed and possessed them.

“I felt a great unease almost immediately, as though there were many angry spirits surrounding me,” Teow claimed, adding that he was possessed twice within four hours.

His friend Ding Hon Sai, 38, said he panicked when he saw Teow going into a seizure the same night, when they were in a pub.

“When he gained consciousness, he spoke in a woman’s voice and started to sob loudly,” said Ding, adding that the ‘ghost’ was begging for forgiveness in Hokkien.

The second time Teow was possessed, a male spirit said it would stop disturbing them only if they located its son, one Chew Kon Lai, 38, and wife Chong Sim Choon.

Chong said he had later received an anonymous call asking him to help five men from Alor Setar who would be seeking his help.

“This is an unusual case. I hope we can help the men locate these two people as soon as possible,” he said.

Those who have information on the location of Chew or Sim Choon can contact Teow at 019-5758288, Ding at 012-482 9855 or MCA secretary Tay Joann at 03-21615678.

I am not sure if Datuk Chong and the guys have ever thought of the missing 2 persons are in different realms, which is not in our earthland realm. I do hope they will locate them soon.

Ladies & Gentlemen, be good and kind always,remember to go n pray to your ancestors this weekend. When you are there, don’t simply shout to others, don’t borrrow anything from strangers….but you can still ask for numbers from your ancestors but not from their neighbours. you might be trespassing into other territorial realm!!! THis is what i was told all the years when come to this day….Good Luck!

Does Press Freedom exist in Malaysia? I doubt so…

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Last week, a friend of mine in Hong Kong reminded me that I should go and watch the latest horror flick which is currently screened across the country major cinemas. The show is titled Unborn. I asked him what is so nice about this movie since horror movies are quite stereotyped nowadays. He told me the main reason attracted him to watch the movie is the nice poster of this movie,here it is:


I somehow thought alike after seeing this poster. Hence, i checked out the trailer:

No bad too….i find it quite scary and this is the first movie talking about Jewish exorcism on a dybbuk (a malicious possessing spirit, believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person).Well, i told myself i will go and watch the movie tonite or this weekend thus i flipped through today newspaper The Star and straight to the cinema advertisement section to check out the show time of this movie. Ka na sai! Before i  was able to check out the time, i saw this in the section instead:

Ka Na Sai! The nice underwear has been doctored to become short pant!!

Ka Na Sai! The nice underwear in the Original poster has been doctored to become short pant!!

After seeing this despicable adulterated poster, now I am writing this blog instead of enjoying this movie in the GSC. Now I believe press freedom is never existed in Malaysia mass media. A strong marketing plot has been destroyed by these cave people. Sh^&*()t!

Why so cheap in Langkawi?

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Sometimes i must admit i am quite ignorant with the things happening in our country or already prevails since Day 1.

As usual, every morning @ 0900, i will have my international buffet            ala carte breakfast (either chinese, nyonya , indian or mamak food) at Ah Keong kopitiam with my fellow team mates nearby our company. Today, one of my colleagues Tay who usually speaks less than 10 sentences a day, suddenly asked if he can buy car in Langkawi and bring it here. With much surprise, i wondered why he asked this question,buying car from Northern region and bring it down to Melaka. Was him joking or trying to break the ICE in the early morning.

Then he told me car sold in langkawi is tax free! Toyota Estimas costs slightly above RM 1ook, almost half  of the price in mainland.other cars prices as follow:

TOYOTA ALTIS at a price of RM 67,000,

HONDA CITY at a price of RM 50,xxx.00

Honda Type_R= On-The-Road Price with Insurance 123,800.00

What is this? How can this happen in Malaysia’s Langkawi only? but then, some complications entail if you are planning to bring the car out from there.

According to my sources, it is not as easy as what you think to buy a car in Langkawi. You have to go through a lot of procedures as follows :
1. If you bought a car in langkawi surely it will be Registered with a Plate No. start With KV <NUMBER > and last with an aphabetical such as ‘C’ or ‘D’ as up to date.

2. You are allowed to take the car out of Langkawi for a maximum period of a month only in every year. If you broke the rules you will be charged a penalty or may be marked as a black list by the Imigration…

3. You can bring your car out from there after 5 yrs as those tax will be waived after the yrs in Langkawi/Labuan. Nevertheless, still need to declare to customs, etc. and get that “Pindah ke semenanjung” stamp on your Registration papers. Should u decide to bring the car back to the mainland before the 5th year then you will be charged import duty and tax at a depreciated value for that particular year.

On this, one critic even gave his opinion as follows:

It’s not a very smart move, in fact its pure stupidity . Car price depreciate yearly, by the time u can enjoy driving ur dream car on mainland, the price may already depreciate by half.

eg. You buy a car in langkawi for RM50k, and park there for 5 year (assume its still working). Mainland new car priced at RM80k, after 5 years it become RM50k. Why not just buy a 2nd hand 5 year old car here. Right?? Bear in mind u still need to pay installment for the 1st 5 year u park there.
It will only work if u spend most of your time there, working or waiting to die.

In my opinion, what this guy said is making sense to me.

Couple of years back, with AFTA implemented in malaysia, everybody especially those car enthusiasts was expecting lower car prices but unfortunately government damn ‘keling’ in this….

BEFORE: High Duty Import, Low excise duty

AFTER: Low Duty Import, High excise duty

We know all these measures are meant to protect our national car interests. Sometimes, I questioned if Mahathir really made a good decision to have our national car in the 1980s.After > 20 yrs, till now, the perception about Proton car quality is still not up to our expectation. Why rushed to spend millions RM to have our home grown brand when we don’t even master the car assembly techniques back  then in the 80s.

Unlike Thailand, its automobile industry has been the main assembly hubs for Ford & GM. Till now, they still haven’t started its national car. But the industry has brought much glory and employment opportunities to its people, which to me this should be the main agenda in our country leaders mission….

Professional Ethics!!!

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Since young, one of my ambitions (u see, i have few ambitions as contingency) was to become a lawyer by profession, just like Tom Cruise in the Firm. Reasons are self-explanatory i guess if you look at him in this photo.

Mitch McDeere As a rookie attorney with a lawnmower-sounding name, Cruise got in over his head at a firm that treated the law as an afterthought.

Mitch McDeere- As a rookie attorney with a lawnmower-sounding name, Cruise got in over his head at a firm that treated the law as an afterthought.

However,due to unforeseen circumstances I didn’t make it for some pathetic reasons. Never mind that i didn’t make it as I learnt more about this profession last week.

Few weeks back, i got a call from Koh Kim Leng law firm asking me if I have the time to stop by @ their office as the lawyer in charge of my house loan would like to pass me the complete documents regarding my 1st house which i bought almost 6 yrs ago as he already tendered his resignation and leaving soon. I thanked him for his kind intention, then made the arrangement in last week to meet him up for the said purpose.

In Malaysia, when we buy any  property, we got to engage a Conveyancing lawyer to help us to prepare the necessary documents for the transfer of real property, such as deeds and mortgages. And the fees charged by them is usually quite exorbitant in the range of few thousands RM$. This fee, besides paying legal fees to the solicitor, will have to pay to the Collector of Stamp Duties, stamp duty on the Sale and Purchase Agreement; the Memorandum of Transfer; and the facility or Loan Agreement with the Bank and the Memorandum of Charge. Just simply plenty of documents if you have done this before. To exaggerate the complications entailed, the S&P doc    ( 4 copies altogether) need to be signed on every single page. The unfortunate thing is not all aforementioned docs are ready at one point,some could take months pending for approvals given by the land office or the bank.


To make matter worse, couple of months ago, i applied for a refinancing package to another bank and this had added further docs attached to this property. It is due to this refinancing exercise, Mr. Tan Kim Yong, the lawyer has traced back my case and found that I do not possess all docs till today, after 6 long years.

In my earlier perception, i am always inclined to think that professional people like lawyer, doctor & accountant are not only exclusive in their knowledge  but also having a higher sense of responsibility, integrity & capability. Maybe i should explain what do i mean by this.

Once you engaged a lawyer to do the conveyancing, you are bound to expect the lawyer will take care of your documents,file properly for you and explain to you in details eventually once everything (the S&P, Memorandum of Transfer,Memorandum of Charge & other necessary docs) are ready or approved. BUT to my surprise, it didn’t work our this way at least from this firm. The very 1st lawyer who handled my case had left the law firm without ensuring my case/filings is properly executed. Few years back, i remembered that this well suited talkkok assured me he will do that once everything is back from the land office but as the years past, i was not even called or mailed anything from this law firm.

Upon reaching there and after introduction, Mr.Tan professionally sorted out which docs are useful for future use (e.g. selling off the house) & did the filing for me before handing over to me. A few inches thick documents only contains 7 important docs at the end.I suppose this is part of the lawyer fee that we paid for. He even took the efforts to explain the chronological events leading to the files existence,starting from the very first  S&P,then bank loan agreement/facility,land title transfer,home title transfer from MBMB…etc. If he never did this to me, those taking over his cases will not do the same to me for the many yrs to come. To my horror, i also came to know that under Malaysia law, every law firm can dispose of all documents after storing for more than 7 yrs . Next year will be the 7th yr for my case!

This is the file to be scrapped after 7 yrs if not claimed by the owner.

This is the file to be scrapped after 7 yrs if not claimed by the owner.

Mr. Tan cited a case which one of his clients had failed in selling off his house to a prospective buyer just because the docs were missing and required weeks to be traced back. Retrieving these missing docs will also cost you unnecessary levy charge from the bank or government agency.

In a nutshell, if you think every lawyer is taught to be responsible for their clients,you better think twice!

Update on 24 Mar @ 1032: Professionalism does not guarantee Accountability & Trustworthiness

Have you not done the above, better to check out before the firm send for scrap! Don’t just ask for discount from the lawyer but what services you are getting.

If you think Tan KY is a good one, you can try him out. He is starting his own law firm next month. This is him:


At least, now i know not every lawyer is just like Tom Cruise thus i said at the very beginning it does not matter if I am not one today.

If you think human levitation is not possible, think again!

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The textbook and theory always tell us that we only use certain (some scientists said ~10%) percentage of our brain power in our lives. I never doubt that as i truly believe i can accomplish much more in my life,be it in my career, hobbies and relationships if I am able to draw more from my otak-otak.

As a matter of fact, X-Men’s Jean Grey has already proven man’s brain power can control or lift up anything including blowing up Osama’s head:


This particular aspect of brain power is scientifically called Psychokinesis (PK) or Telekinesis (TK), literally known as movement from the mind.

Past evidences had shown some real incident of the PK or TK existence,see photo:

The medium Eva Carrière photographed in 1912 with a light appearing between her hands.

The medium Eva Carrière photographed in 1912 with a light appearing between her hands.

Lifting a chair is just one of TK's prowess,no big deal!

Lifting a chair is just one of TK's prowess,no big deal!

In pursuit of this proven ability in myself, I was in dire search of the best Yogi in town because studies has also revealed that one way of attaining one self’s TK abilities is through Yoga practising.

Finally, I found one Yoga Si Fu near BB  from one associate of mine. This master interviewed and asked couple of questions why i am interested in learning Yoga. Is it because of mental or physical health benefits? She also assured me that i can perform following postures within 12 mths should i go for it:


The next higher level

The next higher level

I told her my intention is to do this:

She was surprised by my belief in Yoga and absolute brain power then,instantly recruited me at the very moment. 1 condition is i am not allowed to disclose/perform this publicly at any time with the exception under anonymity thus i chose to reveal here in this blog (aka TK blog).

With unwavering determination and discipline, after 18 months of following her Yoga classes, i can do this now (lifting the ball):

This is the experiment set where i will use my brain power to lift up the purple softball sitting on the track and move it in circle then.

This is the experiment set where i will use my brain power to lift up the purple softball sitting on the track and make it circle around the obstacle course then.

See the ball lifted up now? now u believe me....

See the ball lifted now? U got to believe this....

view from another angle,no magic trick!

view from another angle,no magic trick!

Now, I am on my way to get myself lifted just shown in above earlier photo,expected properly in next 2 weeks if no distractions from work!

Note: Btw, my yoga teacher told me if I want fast result like lifting the ball, I have another way out as this:

Coming next few weeks if not months, I may shop online at Mattel website or any authorized retail shops and buy the whole set of gadgets at only USD$ 80:

Still not convinced, check this clip out:

I suppose now you’d believe how far the brain power can go! ,just like believing in Talk kok how TK he can be. 🙂

Mar 28th 2009…What can you do?

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I bet you have seen this logo lately in the mainstream papers if not on the net. Yes, this is the official logo for the coming 2009 Earth Hour which is an annual international event created by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund),that asks households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. It was started in Australia in 2007, and achieved worldwide participation in 2008.

Earth Hour will next take place on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 8:30 pm, local time. Currently, 80 countries and 750 cities are ‘committed to Earth Hour 2009’, a huge increase from people participating in 35 countries for Earth Hour 2008. 1 billion ‘votes’ is the stated aim for Earth Hour 2009, in the context of the pivotal 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference. The earth revolves around the sun once every year (by definition). During that time, there are about 8765.8 hours. One hour is equivalent to 0.011% of the entire year. Yes, that right. You can lower your CO2 emissions by just 0.011% in only an hour! Woop-de-doo.

As lots of people are asking what they can do during this 60 minutes without light! Following are my suggestions:

1. Write to Talkkok.wordpress.com by replying to this post and tell him if you shut off any light. He will pray for you for 2 hours, extra 1 hour!

2. Don’t forget fitness. Practise naked yoga. Best form of it which you can’t do it in daylight!

3. Date the girl or boy out,then during the hour, tell her or him your feelings …..this is already 50% successful,but make sure no mosquitoes around.

4. Gather family & friends for a night picnic in your local parks like Bukit China or Jelutong cemetery!

5. Enjoy a family dinner by candlelight but without lighting up the candles as this contribute to Co2 emission!

6. Organise a treasure hunt in the dark.

7. Sit in the dark and share stories ,preferably ghost stories!

8. Share a romantic night in with your loved one

9. Donate the savings from turning off the light to charitable house or community saviour like talk kok.com.

I sincerely hope that you will participate in this world wide effort to raise the awareness on the worsening global warming!. TQ